How does coaching work? 

Coaching is a collaboration that helps you move forward in life on your own terms. I’ll help you set the agenda for each session and for the overall coaching relationship. My job as your coach is to facilitate your exploration and self discovery and help you develop an action plan to achieve your goals.

Sessions follow a basic structure, beginning with your agenda for the call and ending with your deciding on your action steps for the coming weeks. I use a variety of coaching tools to help you identify and overcome obstacles, set goals, and move forward. 

Accountability is an important part of coaching, and we will work together to ensure you set and accomplish realistic, relevant, and authentic goals. The point is that you are in charge.

Is coaching like counseling?

No. There are some similarities in the process, but therapists are trained to help you with mental health issues. They may work with you to change self-destructive behaviors or to process and come to terms with life experiences that have wounded you.

Coaches focus on the present and the future. We begin with where you are today and help you create a plan to move forward to achieve your goals and create the life you want. Coaching is action-oriented. I believe that my clients have the resources within themselves to realize their full potential, and I know that sometimes we all need some help in figuring out just how to do that.

After consulting with you about your goals, if I believe that you would be better served by working with a therapist than a coach, I will tell you so.  

Do you give advice?

Sometimes if you ask for it. I may also make suggestions based on my past experience. Any suggestions I make are offered in the spirit of learning and to help you in your self-discovery, and you are free to take those suggestions or ignore them.

Do I meet with you at your office?

Although I meet with local clients at my office, coaching is typically done by video conference or phone, so geographic distance is no obstacle to working with me. 


How often do we meet?

Sometimes weekly, sometimes every other week, and sometimes monthly, depending on your goals and the most effective schedule for meeting them. We’ll discuss and set a schedule based on your needs.


How long do you typically work with a client?

The length of time we work together depends on the scope of your goals. I work with most clients between two and four months. Some clients choose to have a monthly check-in once they have achieved their initial set of goals. I can work with you to find the best schedule for your goals.

How much does coaching cost?  See packages and options.

How do I pay?

I invoice you based on your package, and you may pay with any major credit card or by check. If coaching is not working for you, you may cancel at any time, and I will refund your money for all unused sessions, minus a $10 service charge.

How do I set up an appointment?

Just go to my on-line appointment system to set up a meeting time.