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Coaching packages and options

Except for Flash coaching clients, I offer a complimentary half-hour initial consultation. This gives me a chance to learn about your goals, and it gives you a feel for what working with me would be like. If you choose to work with me, I'll send you a coaching agreement and a welcome packet to get us started. I offer three packages, but I can also design a custom plan to fit your needs. If you are not happy you may cancel at any time, and I will refund any unused sessions (minus a $10 service charge.) My packages include:

Game Planning

Duration: 4 30-45 minute coaching sessions in person or via videoconferencing or phone plus email support and other services appropriate to your situation

Cost: $250

Things come up. Maybe you’re launching a job search, you just landed a job interview, or you’re facing a new challenge at work. You need a sounding board and some feedback, guidance, and support. Whether it is talking through leadership or interpersonal challenges, prioritizing the tasks on your plate, reviewing and refining your resume, moving forward on a writing project, or some other item on your agenda, we’ll work to build your confidence and skills for the task ahead of you.


Duration: 12 30-45 minute coaching sessions in person or via videoconferencing or phone plus email support and other services appropriate to your situation

Cost: $700, payable in three installments

Have you decided that some things in your life must change? Are you feeling stuck, but you can’t figure out how to move forward? Do you want to chart a course to career change, retirement, or launching a new business? Do you need to develop better coping skills or find a new balance between life and work? Are you mapping out the best strategy for tenure, promotion, or a shift to administration? Transformation is the package for you if you’ve decided it’s time for big shifts in your life. We’ll embark on an adventure of self-discovery, goal-setting, and change. I’ll provide you with support, information, helpful tools, and guidance.  This service is designed to help you find your personal heyday.


Duration: 1-2 30-45-minute coaching sessions per month in person or via videoconferencing or phone

Cost: $85-$150/month

After a client and I have worked together to achieve a major goal, the client sometimes finds it helpful to have a regular check-in to help stay accountable on meeting objectives and maintaining healthy habits. We evaluate what’s working and where they need to revise their strategies. We learn from the things that aren’t working. And we celebrate achievements and milestones while continuing to work toward the client’s evolving personal goals.  

Flash Coaching

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: $85

Sometimes you need help right now. Whether it's an obstacle in your life, a situation at work or a last minute job interview that you need to prepare for, flash coaching is short and focused on one immediate challenge. These intense sessions will help you focus and get you moving forward quickly.