What do clients have to say about Melissa Walker and Heyday Coaching?

Melissa is a great coach. She has a range of work experiences and gives good advice. Melissa helped me determine my career goals, evaluate my current position, and vetted my job materials. She helped me prep for interviews and even sent kind emails wishing me luck and following up on them. She is the professional mentor that everyone needs! In addition to my job search, Melissa helped me prioritize my work tasks and develop better work patterns. Perhaps just as important, she's on time and follows up on things. She's very pleasant to work with in video meetings and by email. Talking with her always makes me feel motivated!—AL

Melissa Walker and Heyday Coaching have helped me clarify my vision, purpose, and learn how to thrive not just survive.—ND

I reached out to Melissa for career coaching when I learned that a leadership position was becoming available within my organization. Opportunities for advancement in my company are few and far between and I knew I had to make an investment in myself if I were going to stand out among the applicants. Melissa offered a fresh perspective on what she felt I had to offer my organization as a leader. She helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and taught me how to leverage my strengths to accomplish my goal. She assisted me in fine tuning my resume and interview skills, but most importantly Melissa helped me build the confidence I needed to believe in myself. I am happy to say that I got the job and I know I was only able to do this with Melissa's help. I am still working with Melissa as I transition into my new role and I find her coaching, guidance, and support to be an invaluable resource.—ST

I worked with Melissa as I was in the midst of a career transition. I was looking to go from a career in project management to pursuing my passion of storytelling. Melissa helped me by offering guidance on how to network, setting up my business, crafting an elevator pitch, and branding. She also helped me to set measurable goals and prepare for life without a bi-weekly paycheck and employer subsidized health insurance. I enjoyed working with her and am grateful for her expertise.—KS

Working with Melissa on my academic administration job application letter and resume was one of the most humane but critical evaluations I have experienced. Remember, critical does not mean criticize. Melissa worked diligently to get to know me better so that she could assist the development of a great application package.  No matter the outcome, I am confident my materials present my best and most authentic self.  Thanks so much for your guidance and support.—SH

I have been working with Melissa for close to 6 months, and it has been such a relief to listen to her feedback and direction. When I found her, I was feeling tremendous pressure in my professional life to make future plans and take some big chances. Melissa has used many different tools and strategies to help me through this process. I enjoyed some of the skill/talent inventory tools, but I have also grown with the use of visualization and journaling. I don't think I could have gotten where I am now without her patient guidance and support. At first I thought I was crazy to hire someone for this kind of advice. I have many talented friends and family, but having an impartial 3rd party was a crucial benefit for my growth. I encourage anyone looking for direction to hire Melissa for guidance. It has sometimes been difficult and slightly terrifying, but the result has been wonderful.--AP

I was fortunate to work with Melissa and Heyday Coaching at a critical time in my career when I was juggling the demands of managing one business and launching another. Melissa is smart, and she is warm. She is a great listener and a thoughtful guide. I am grateful for the practices and suggestions she offered to help me better manage my work commitments, mom duties, and personal time.--RW

Melissa is amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect from a life coach, but she made the process comfortable while still pushing me. I highly recommend Melissa and her coaching style! --CR

I recently used Melissa Walker and her company Heyday Coaching to rewrite my resume. My resume wasn’t the easy resume to write with 20 years of military and 17 years of work in the private sector. Melissa wrote this as if she had known me for years and we have never met in person, we handled everything via email. I would recommend this company for any type of professional coaching whether you need a resume, cover letter, or good advice. --DF

Melissa was extremely helpful in encouraging me to begin structuring out my days as a young professional seeking direction within my career. I am so grateful to her for helping me kick myself into gear and holding myself accountable! Thank you Melissa!" —RS

I have been working with Melissa for several months now and it's been amazing! I've made many positive changes in both my habits and my outlook and actually been able to stick to them. I wanted coaching because I've been through many life changes recently and was feeling a bit adrift. In the past I've made resolutions but always fallen off the wagon. Melissa keeps me accountable, helps me revise my plans to deal with setbacks, and celebrates my successes with me. Her intelligence, compassion, and humor make every conversation fun, but she also challenges me when I need to be challenged. I'll always be a work in progress, but I feel happy about the direction my life is going now. Melissa has really helped me focus on what I wanted and figure out how to get it.   --EH

Melissa is compassionate, creative, and highly professional in her approach to coaching. She listens carefully, drawing from a broad knowledge of experiences to ask just the right questions. Melissa has helped me identify critical professional and personal goals, and provides the tools I need to accomplish them.  --JD