Nobody ever said I regret going to that yoga class

One recent Sunday afternoon, I was dithering about whether to get off my rear end and get dressed for a 4 pm yoga class.  It had been a lazy day, and I had frittered away much of it reading online news outlets and checking Facebook. Rising from my lounge chair on the back porch, changing into yoga pants, and making the five-minute drive to the studio seemed like a huge interruption in my listless afternoon.

As I hemmed and hawed, my husband looked at me and said, “Go to yoga. Nobody ever said, ‘I regret going to that yoga class.’”

I got off the lounge chair, scrambled into my yoga clothes, and hopped in the car.  And guess what? My husband was right. The class was energizing and rejuvenating, and I was glad I went.

I’ve thought a lot about Chuck’s advice since then. So often in life the things we regret are the things we didn’t do—the time we didn’t spend with loved ones, the opportunities we didn’t seize, the exercise we didn’t do, the truth we didn’t speak.  Turning the question around—asking “Will I regret NOT doing this?” instead of “Will I regret doing this?” has offered me new perspective on my decision-making process. 

What about you? What do you regret NOT doing?