Mika Brzezinski on Growing Your Value

After she published  Know Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth,  MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski realized that her work had struck a chord with American women.  To her amazement, she found that she had launched a movement aimed at helping women assess their value—financial and otherwise—to their employers and providing them with a blueprint for gaining recognition of that value. 

Brzezinski was asked to speak about her book at events all over the country. Soon, she was organizing “Know Your Value” conferences for women.  Although the work was often exhausting, it was also exhilarating, and she reveled in it--except for one problem: she felt she was shortchanging her family, and she struggled with feelings of that she was failing in her personal life.  

As Brzezinski began to talk with other successful professional women about her feelings, she found that she was not alone:  successful women everywhere struggled with the feeling that their professional success often had profoundly negative consequences for their personal lives. 

Now she's written a new book about that struggle to achieve professional success without shortchanging your personal life. Brzezinski concludes that “It is simply not enough to know your core professional message.  As women, we need to grow our value in all aspects of our lives to be nourished, energized, and successful—not simply in material ways but also in authentic joy and gratitude.  To be a truly successful working woman—with or without kids, in or out of a committed relationship—you need to know your inner value.”

 In Grow Your Value, Brzezinski interviews dozens of professional women to provide some guidance on discerning your inner values.  She doesn’t sugar coat the challenges facing women, and she offers some good tips on defining and articulating your professional value, on negotiating the inevitable clashes between professional and personal life, and on rebranding or “second acts” at midlife. 


Mika Brzezinski, Grow Your Value: Living and Working to Your Full Potential Weinstein Books, 2015.

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