Navigating Transitions: A 4-Part Group Coaching Series

Jan. 29, Feb. 12, Feb. 26, and Mar. 12, 5:30-7:30 pm

Conference Room 136, SCC Downtown Campus, Spartanburg

Cost for all 4 sessions is $125. Register at Eventbrite.


Are you in transition? Maybe the transition is the result of a welcome change like a great new job, a promotion, or moving into your dream house. Or maybe your life is changing for sadder reasons like the loss of a job, a divorce, or the loss of a loved one. Or maybe you’re in the midst of a change that fills you with ambivalence—like an empty nest.


Any change—the external thing—provokes a transition--an internal psychological process of coming to terms with the new situation. Change causes us to grow, but sometimes that growth is awfully painful. It can bring on a crisis in confidence and feelings of grief and loss. As organizational consultant William Bridges wrote in his landmark book, Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes, every transition involves three overlapping stages: an ending, a time in a neutral zone as we struggle to come to terms with the change, and a beginning.


In this four-part group coaching series, life coach Melissa Walker, Ph.D, will provide you with some helpful and concrete ways to deal constructively with your own transition in a safe and supportive group environment.


What past participants have said:

I was recently a participant in Melissa’s session dedicated to Transitions and the classes couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I’m not sure what made the course so incredibly meaningful – but I believe it was a combination of a small group setting with great women, thought-provoking material and Melissa’s ability to create a safe space for authentic dialog. This sweet and (sometimes) stormy journey we call life is so full of flux and change. But being intentional about the process of moving through the transitions we face or forge makes all the difference in the world. Thank you, Melissa Walker, for a rich and incredibly enriching learning experience. —from Sally Jeter Gregg (formerly Hammond)

The “Transitions” seminar was amazing. Melissa facilitated important conversations and sharing coupled with extremely insightful exercises. I would highly recommend this for anyone facing a major change. It will make a real difference.--from KM