Elizabeth Cady Stanton (one of my personal heroes) once said that "fifty, not fifteen is the heyday of life." I think that you can find a personal heyday at any age, and that's what I aim to help my clients do.  I specialize in working with clients who are in a major life transition (a job search, career change, starting a business, managing a new challenge at work or in your personal life) or feeling stuck on projects and goals. I’ll help you find your way forward. My job is to help you identify your priorities and values as well as your obstacles and challenges.  We will work together to develop an action plan to achieve your goals on your own terms and your own timetable.

Coaching is investment of your time and resources to build a more satisfying and meaningful future for yourself, and my role as coach is to be a discerning listener, a supportive cheerleader, a wise advisor, and a gentle but firm accountability partner.  I can help you gain clarity, visualize the future you want, identify and overcome barriers, and stay motivated. I work with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, and one of my specialties is working with PhDs who are navigating new leadership challenges, career transitions, and the struggle to balance a research agenda with other responsibilities.

At Heyday Coaching, we specialize in working with clients on a variety of challenges including:

  • juggling career, family and personal goals

  • tackling the next step on your career ladder--a new job or an entrepreneurial venture

  • developing practical strategies to step outside your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals

  • negotiating mid-career and mid-life transitions and challenges

  • completing creative or scholarly projects

  • mapping a path to career change

  • devising strategies for effectively managing time and energy

  • improving self-care

  • navigating workplace challenges

  • articulating a personal mission statement to guide goal-setting and decision-making

Photo by Carroll Foster

Photo by Carroll Foster

Heyday Coaching LLC was founded by Melissa Walker, Ph.D. Melissa has more than thirty years experience in coaching, mentoring, and teaching.   After earning her Ph.D. in U.S. and women's history at Clark University, she joined the faculty at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. There, she focused on projects that empower women and on the study of past women's efforts to become autonomous and fulfilled human beings.  A compelling public speaker, writer, and coach, Melissa brings the insights from her research, teaching, and mentoring students of all ages into her work with coaching clients. She attained her coaching training from Mentor Coach, a program accredited by the International Coach Federation.  

See Melissa's academic c.v. or her resume.